GigaPets are back and better than ever with an all new Augmented Reality feature. Just download the free app and watch your pet come to life in 3D.

4-Eyed Friendzies

4-Eyed Friendzies are the perfect interactive pet with an amazing price point. They have four points of contact, blinking light-up eyes, a vibrating motor, and a partial blind box package that showcases its features.

This pet literally jumps off the shelves.


JitterBug jumps and jitters wildly while players attempt to attach legs to the JitterBug as quickly as possible. The first player to attach all their color legs to the JitterBug and press his hat wins!

Fish Food

2 to 4 players take turns feeding the fish all their FishFood cards. First player to feed the fish all of their FishFood cards or get three of a kind wins!

He talks and keeps track of the game letting players know when they have won. Watch out though! He likes to play tricks and will sometimes spit your FishFood card right back at you.


Find the lights as fast as you can and turn them off in this easier training version of Light Speed Pro. The score is calculated based on the number of lights captured before time runs out.

The faster version of Light Speed for more experienced players. A true Light Speed Pro player should be able to beat their Light Speed Prime score.

The multiplayer version of Light Speed. Find the light, press it, and pass Zoomqube™ along to the next player. Players that don’t find the light in time are eliminated until only one player remains as the winner.

Zoomqube™ will create a sequence of lights for you to repeat, adding one more light each round. The score is calculated based on the number of rounds completed.

One light at a time will move around all sides of the cube. When you press a light, it will start blinking. The game ends when all six sides are blinking. The score is calculated based on the elapsed time of the game. The lower the score the better.

Each side of the cube plays a different sound associated with a light. Find the loudest sound and press the illuminated button. See how quickly you can achieve complete silence.


Hovertech™ flying targets are the first and only patented, electronically controlled, auto hovering, flying targets designed for use with most foam dart blasters.  The full range of HoverTech™ products offers an unparalleled challenging play experience in three dimensional space previously only simulated in video games.  Unanimously chosen by toy experts worldwide and “Chosen by Kids” at Wal-Mart.

Friendly Puppy

  • Pet his foot and he will extend his paw for you to shake.
  • Pull his leash to lead him. Place the leash in his mouth when you are done.
  • He’ll raise his paw, then take a bow.
  • He paws the ground with both feet, and he wiggles his butt.


When Boombot is lifted up by his hands, he can perform acrobatic flips, swing back and forth, and sound like Tarzan!

Boombot will also randomly play a variety other sound effects.

When Boombot is triggered by a punch to the gut he gets ready to rumble and performs punching actions, forward and reverse tumbles, gets “arms-up” angry while growling and playing other numerous sound effects.

When Boombot is placed in Tumble mode by tapping his shoelaces or by balancing Boombot in a handstand position he will do forward and reverse tumbles always landing on his feet while playing a variety of sound effects.

When Boombot says “Gimme five!” with his arms out, tapping his hands will trigger Boogie Play mode. During Boggie Play mode Boombot create light and sound effects while doing a happy dance, “hands-up” happy actions and other hand interactions. When he is done he will take a bow which will sometime cause him to fart.

When Boombot is placed on his back he will begin a rocking action with light and sound effects to fall asleep.

Zen Mode also includes a “wake-up” action sequence with light and sound effects when triggered by the tummy switch or foot switch.

When Boombot is placed in Room Guard mode, his sensors are activated to detect the presence of other life forms and he will react accordingly scare away intruders with light and sound effects, “arms-up” angry action, punching action, ground pounding action and a forward tumble attack.


  • Position five Toka-Toa Warriors in front of each player to prepare for battle.
  • Players take turns using their shooters to launch balls at their opponent’s warriors, and capture them by knocking them over.
  • Stack your captured warriors to build a Toka-Toa Totem.
  • The first player to stack a Toka-Toa Totem 5 Toka tall and crown it without their opponent knocking it over wins!
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